Every mother wishes to bless her child with good health. Vaccination brings more power to your wishes by protecting the child against serious diseases like Hepatitis A, Meningitis, Flu, DTP, etc. Track your child’s Vaccination record with Vaccination card.

A Vaccination card (sometimes called immunization card) provides a history of all the vaccines your child has received and also helps you keep track of upcoming vaccinations. So that you don’t miss a single one.

Generally, a Vaccination card is provided to you by the Pediatrician. Click on the link below to know more about Vaccines recommended upto 18 years of age.

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Vaccination card is your child’s passport to health.

Check your child’s Vaccination card today and consult your Pediatrician to complete their vaccination ON-TIME.

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Do you have questions about child's vaccination?

Read below to get your queries answered

1. Why there are so many vaccines for children these days? I have not taken a few of them myself. Are all of these important? Read more
  • Medical science is continually advancing, and part of this advancement has been the development of new vaccines over the years
  • Through vaccination, children born today have more opportunities to be protected against severe diseases that may cause major health problems and, in some cases, can turn even fatal
  • Every Vaccination counts
2. How can I ensure my child is vaccinated as per the right schedule?Read more
  • You can keep a track of your child’s Vaccination records by diligently following the Vaccination card.
  • Start tracking your child’s vaccination records as soon as your child gets his or her first shot.
3.What should I know about my child's Vaccination card?Read more
  • Vaccination card is your child’s passport to Health
  • It’s important for you to save and update your child’s vaccine records, since you’ll likely be required to provide them when you register your child for school, childcare, summer camp, or for international travel
  • When you maintain a copy of your child’s vaccination record:
    1. Keep the record in a safe place where you can easily locate it
    2. Bring it to each of your child’s doctor visits
    3. Ask the doctor or nurse to jot down the vaccine given, date, and dosage on your child’s vaccination record
    4. Write down the name of the doctor’s office or clinic where your child got the shot so you know where to get official records when you need them
4. I checked my child’s Vaccination card and found he/she has missed a Vaccine. What can I do? Read more
  • Heath authorities across the globe recommend Vaccination as per recommended schedule is essential for child’s good health
  • However, if for any reason, your child has missed/has not received any vaccine dose for which they are eligible you can opt for Catch-up vaccination
  • Catch-up Vaccination is an alternate way to provide optimal protection against diseases for which protection may be due or missed
  • Please consult your Pediatrician for more information on Catch-up Vaccination.
5. How can I get regular reminder of my child’s Vaccination? Read more
  • You can opt for regular reminder of your child’s Vaccination by downloading and registering for the free service on Immunize India App by Indian Academy of Pediatrics. Download the app here Google's Playstore and IOS Appstore.
  • Reminders do not advertise, recommend or promote any vaccine brands or products.

Consult your pediatrician for more information.
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*The list of diseases mentioned here are some of the diseases featuring in the list of preventable diseases by IAP (Indian Academy of Pediatrics) in their routine and catchup vaccination recommendations. There could be diseases beyond the list which could affect the child. Please consult your pediatrician for more information.
DTP: Diphtheria, Tetanus & Pertussis
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